Mission Statement

Kilnsea Pre-School’s mission statement is the first section of the Pre-School policy document, entitled Pre-School policy statement.

Kilnsea Pre-School’s primary vision is:
“to provide a safe and happy atmosphere in which children can learn through play.”

Following from this primary vision are other aspects of Kilnsea Pre-School’s vision:

• All children and adults are welcome regardless of religion, race, means or ability and are treated equally.

• We aim to make a child’s first steps towards independence as enjoyable as possible both for the children and their parents/carers.

• The child’s time spent in pre-school provides an easy transition to school.

• Parental involvement in all aspects of the group is actively encouraged.

This mission statement, as part of the Kilnsea Pre-School Policy, was discussed and agreed at committee meetings before being adopted by the committee at the Annual General Meeting of Kilnsea Pre-School held on 19th November 2020.

The Kilnsea Pre-School Policy and Operational Procedure Manual are provided to new parents, staff and committee members when they start at Kilnsea. It is available at any time to anyone wishing to see it.

Kilnsea Pre-School actively welcomes comments and ideas from all pre-school stakeholders.