Pre-School Policies

As a member of the Pre-School Learning Alliance we have adopted their Constitution. The Kilnsea Pre-School Policy and Operational Procedure Manual provide the policies and procedures which govern the Pre-School operations. The Policy document can be viewed in the foyer or you can ask a member of staff to view it; we have the following policies :-

Kilnsea Pre-School Policy Statement, Welcome, The Pre-School, Parents Rota, The Pre-School Learning Alliance,
Education Through Play, Early Years Foundation Stage Learning & Development story, & Key Person System,
Online Learning Journey Policy, Children at ”work”, The Free Entitlement and Fees,
Admissions Policy and Procedure for Allocation of Places, Behaviour Policy,
Superhero and Fighting Role Play Policy, Health, Asthma Policy, Hygiene, Supporting Personal Development,
Safety – Policy and Practice, Fire Risk Policy, Sun Protection Policy, Lost Child Policy,
Safeguarding Policy – includes E-Safety Policy, Preventing Extremism and Radicalisation Policy & Whistleblowing Policy,
Equality Policy, English as an Additional Language (EAL) Policy, Complaints Procedure,
Publicity Policy, Change of Details, Confidentiality Policy, Student Placements,
Policy on the Recruitment of Ex- Offend, Closure Policy

Please find attached our recent policy: Policy index Nov 2020 Kilnsea Policy Nov 2020

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